2020: A Year To Remember

by Sam Durham Professional


Lyrics written and performed by Ashia Llorente:

2020 the year to start off the decade
Was ready to be arty, celebrate and invite change
A big change came
One no one could have been able to predict
It snowballed
Started slow with rumbles
Then tumbled and kept spreading
Global news and views pinging
Making people’s ears ring and ringing
With constant news and updates being the thing
Government guidelines raining down with daily forecasts
Like the weather not always accurate but we were all learning
And fast

This Pandemic grew on an unprecedented scale
The scale of change became monumental
Making us unstable
Unable to show our love in the typical ways
And some of our population to isolate for day and days
Day’s turn into months
With the months now leading to the end of the year
I send my love to those living in fear
Dealing with this isolation
Not having the motivation
Feeling the vast struggle and plight of our nation
And our relations, friends and colleagues
Keep stopping not knowing elation or having any view on our destination
And Mental Health issues being our most regular vacation
Making anxieties spark and light like fire in our life

All the worlds a stage and the players come to a stop
Mother earth screeching us to a halt
To make us think and make the link
To realise we all have our part to play
Empty seats in auditoriums, restaurants and streets
Is this what our insatiable consumerist appetite has lead us to be

Let’s have some food for thought
And thoughts for something better
For carers, doctors and nurses
Key workers
Tackling this head on
Giving us all hope and the strength to keep on
Staying home and saving lives
We may be alone within the confines of our homes
But we are not on our own
Together we will get through this
Remember the collective embrace
Through giving each other space
And the warmth in applauding for the vital work being done
And it being run
With human spirit, determination and resilience
You are brilliant!

Let’s start taking the stride for a better world
A healthy world
A world for all
With every little step forward
We will go toward
And fight
For the right
To grow and propagate new ideas
Not decimate and destroy
But employ, embrace and educate
Creating an abundant forest, with sunlight cascading down to us
It is up to us to make the change
Be the change
Replace our behaviour with new habits
Cause collectively we are better together
And one day look back on 2020 not tethered
To treasure
And give love to all those whom we will remember

Drummer (Sam Durham) and actor (Ashia Llorente) hit by the pandemic come together to make an emotional spoken word track that reflects on a tough year for everyone and pays tribute to key workers. 2020: A Year To Remember is an emotional spoken word track reflecting on the impact of this year on us all. The video is filmed in an empty venue during lockdown, to highlight the plight of venues, musicians and the arts. It centres around four themes: Pandemic. Loneliness. Hope. Resilience. Please take a moment to experience the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9zJo61SNBw As a first solo release from the small platform of my drum business page, it has been widely shared and gained over 4000 views in less than 4 days. The music was composed by myself (Sam Durham). I am a professional musician and music teacher based in Hertfordshire, who has seen first hand the economic and mental impact of the pandemic on musicians, producers and creatives that I know. Some of my performing experiences include Glastonbury Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival. The spoken word piece was written and performed by Ashia Llorente, an actor based in London who trained at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  She has seen the impact of the pandemic on her industry, causing drastic effects on actors, theatres and everyone involved in the arts. Amongst her acting credits, Ashia was part of Centrality Theatre who created a piece bringing awareness to homelessness. The full track is now available via all streaming platforms here: https://ditto.fm/2020-a-year-to-remember I hope you, the judges, have connected with our piece. Camera work by James Hague On-set photography by Louis Gibbons
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