A 20 20 Christmas

by William J Weeds Amateur

A 20 20 Christmas

by William J Weeds | Amateur


Helped some children build a snowman You know how that story goes
They found a top hat and an old scarf And a carrot for a nose
And I enjoyed their laughter Those kids they put on quite a show
Making tiny angels In the freshly fallen snow
Remembering the good times And all the fun we had last year
Families all together When Christmas time was here
And I thought about the bell chimes Silver candles all aglow
And this Christmas not together Teardrops fall like melting snow

I have a recording program (Reaper) on my computer Used a program for the backing track Then I added myself on Piano and Guitar and Voice. My wife is playing the Baritone Uke. This song dedicated to my family but mostly for my Daughter Cindy as she and her family live in Toronto so we cannot see them this year.Then It dawned on me that the whole world is hurting as we are, so this is for everyone. 2020 what a year. God bless everybody
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