An Invitation to Sing

by Peter M Danish Amateur


Sing – Sing something softly
Sing – Sing something loud
Sing – Sing something deftly
Sing – Sing something Proud

Sing – sing something gentle
Sing – sing something true
Sing – Sing something powerful
Sing – Sing something blue

Sing – sing to one person
Sing – sing to the throng
Sing – Sing to the heart broken
Sing – Sing to the strong
Sing – sing something generous
Sing something small
Just sing something

Sing for us all.

My friend Rita Harvey sang the song. She is a Broadway singer. The lyrics were adapted from a poem by famous opera singer Stephanie Blythe. Both ladies loved and encouraged the direction I took with the song and we are all beyond thrilled with the results! It is part of an upcoming CD entitled: "Simple Prayers for Challenging Times".
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