by Vic Moraga Professional


Angeleyne – Vic Moraga – lyrics and music –

Angeleyne, when you say the World is better
Am I in your dreams
Angeleyne, close your eyes and tell me if I
Live inside your schemes

Do we allow our World’s to move within hope
Hope that love could be our sole happening
Comes a time when we must place heart
In the hands of another we will meet

Angeleyne, I’m standing on the border
I’m just waiting for a sign
Angeleyne, I swear to you there is no other
Still, you must decide

Love can be fearful, with every step we take
Stepping toward the future all is unknown
We must be brave and choose the side that counts
Let’s help what matters most, help our love grow

Angelyne, don’t let the fear consume me
Baby, tell me what you see
Angeleyne, all there is, one to another
A trust to save our peace
Only trust can save our peace
Trust can save our peace –

Vic Moraga lyrics and music - Adult Contemporary
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