Ballad of John Griffin

by Kenneth Richard Hardman Amateur


Ballad of John Griffin – by Kenneth R. Hardman
1. Old John Griffin was a frontier man, friend of the pioneer.
Journeyed west by sea and rail, moved by God, not fear.
Chose to live for the good and right, heard the voice within.
Found the truth when but a teen, set his sight on heaven.
Wind blows, snow flies, mud, rock, and clay.
Sun seers, crops die, John finds a way.
2. Young John Griffin, a Midlands boy, worked the land and mule.
Oldest child, hard work’n lad, not much time for school.
Upland stars, thoughts of heaven, wonder’n ’bout God’s plan.
Prayed to know if he should go, set out for the promised land.
3. Early on he met his bride, married her for keeps.
Logs and chink, a one room home, beds he made for sleep.
One cold fall he hauled his grain, yes, he almost froze.
Always looked beyond himself, even though he lost his toes.
4. Riding east, riding west, helping his fellow man.
Crossed the Green one stormy day, disaster was at hand.
Ox rebelled, the boat o’r turned, man and beast were gone.
John was saved by the voice within, obeyed as he pressed on.

Tribute to John Griffin, born Naunton Beauchamp, England 1842, died Newton, Utah, USA 1929 - Words and music by 2nd great-grandson, Kenneth R. Hardman. Performed by Kenneth R. Hardman with bass performed by Melanie J. Hardman. Cover by Lisa A. Powell.
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