Break Through The Silence

by Ella Whiting Youth (ages 13-17)


Ella Whiting: Breaking Through The Silence:

I don’t wanna talk right now
So I’m sorry if I’m bringing you down
I promise it won’t be for long I’m just waiting for the song

This is how I cope Sitting all quiet
Waiting in the silence It’s my only hope
To singing my heart out This is how I start out
The silence before the song

Sorry I’m pushing you away
But I don’t have much to say
I’m not able to fake it Because this is how I take it

When I’m done being quiet
I will break through the silence
And shine brighter than ever
There will be no more pressure

Break Through The Silence. Written by Ella Whiting. Copyright 2020 Ella Whiting Brantford Ontario Canada
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