by Luc Lachapelle Professional



walking alone, on a cold rainy day
no seems to care where I’m from
i lend out my hand, and i ask you for a dime
i haven`t had a meal in such a long time

< i get scared and lonely in the middle of the night
< crouched down in an alley, staying out of sight
< but i want you to know,
< i used to be someone just like you
< i never gave a second thought about the man with out the shoes
< i want you know, i used to have a life just like you
< now I've become the man with out the shoes

my days are long, and the nights can get so cold
i don t have much to keep you warm.
i got got nobody, I've no place to call my home
a shadow in the darkness, with one else to hold

Every step i take , is in misery
i know where I've been but i don`t know where I'm going
every thought i have , there's uncertainty
and i can`t explain, how i got here, where i am

parole musique Luc Lachapelle

I wrote this song in regards to a man i once met in Montreal. His name is Brian . The song reflects on the conversation i had with .
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