By The Grace Of God

by Glenn Shayne Amateur

By The Grace Of God

by Glenn Shayne | Amateur


By The Grace Of God

My Lord, Have mercy with me I’ve been humbled by your spirit
There’s no mockery or falsehood in my blood for you my Holy Father
You shine in my eyes I can’t forget or let anyone tell me anything different
I’ll never be ungrateful or hateful you’ll always be my eternal love inside of me

By The Grace Of God
You’ll keep me firmly on my feet
I’ll be the true strength of victory
So I’ll serve you with all my glory
By The Grace OF God
My bond to you MY HOLY ONE IS………MY WORD……….

I’m your creature that you have created Standing in front of you
You are my rock for everlasting you grant me DELIVERENCE to LIFE
I’m blessed my voice sings to your praise WHERE YOUR NAME REJOICES
I celebrate where you are the holiest of holiness your love will always be with……..

By The Grace Of God
Your love won’t deny me loving you
I will not mourn or grieve in anguish
Your spirit is loud and clear inside of me
By The Grace Of God
My ears hear you Father, my soul……IS ALL YOURS….…

You forgive me when I have sinned you rid me of thee oppressor
When my transgressions shine before your eyes you don’t judge me
You nullify my heart from feeling any evil pain that withholds me from you
I’m free of all my enemies your my friend, My Father, My King of King’s and Redeemer

By The Grace Of God
Take my hand this is where I’ll stand
You are my strength of righteousness
Where I’ll grow up to become a man
By The Grace Of God
You reign supreme, I’m your loving……..SON…..….
Glenn D. Shayne
All Rights Reserved

I used Various Nashville Artists.
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