Can You See Me?

by Carolyn Chatwin Murset Amateur


Can You See Me?
By Carolyn Chatwin Murset 11/30/2020
G Am7
I remember her and Mama sitting side by side.
C Dsus2
Decorating wedding cakes For a friend or family bride
And as I learned and listened To the stories they would tell
C G Cm D7
Of struggle and of laughter I knew and loved them well.

G Am7
Then, Grandma later let me Decorate a little cake
C Dsus2
Her patient eyes could not see The mistakes that I would make.
Those sugar sweetened years rolled by And she and Mom look on
C G Cm D7
From Heaven’s upward glistening sky Are they listening to this song?

G Bm7 C Cm
Can you see me, are you near me? How we did connect
G Em7 C D7
What I learned and watched you live, I never will forget!
G F C Cm7
Can you see me, can you hear Me trying for your sake?
Do I have the patient eyes To overlook mistakes?

Bm7 C Am7 Dsus2
I’m not perfect, I’m not strong I’ll keep on trying, and move on!
Repeat Chorus, then line 1

This song is based on my recollections of sitting at Grandma Tila Miera Trujillo's dining room table watching her bake and decorate wedding cakes with my mom, Nora Trujillo Chatwin. I watched and learned not only how to decorate a cake, which Grandma let me do when they had an extra tier that they weren't going to use, but listened to family stories of trial and laughing through difficulty. This was way back in the 1960's and my sisters and I have carried on with the tradition of baking and decorating cakes for friends and family. This tradition connects us as a family. I consider myself to be an "amateur with experience". I have self-published four CD's of my original songs and hope that some year I'll earn more than $28 from digital streaming! Those minuscule fractions of a cent add up! I recorded this at home with GarageBand.
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