Common man

by Brian Degaust Amateur

Common man

by Brian Degaust | Amateur


The Common Man B Degaust 2006/03/11
Em -D- C
Remember what my father said…it echoes where I go
Just live your life with purifies your soul..
and take each day, with open eyes..and let your helpin’ hand..
been seen as nothin’ special, just the touch of the common man..
The common man , the common man..Don’t seem to still fit in,
He is obsolete , he’s below your feet , a demographic sin..
And even Jesus , falls to pieces, tryin’ to understand,,
how his image born, is so forelorn,, for tryin to be like him
just a common man….
It use to be, the faithful ones would get their just reward..
but fate it seems.. is handed down by some appointed board.
the Socios,, are recognized, to be the best of those..
they’ll set aside ,, and not provide the common man
you shake it resurrect,, you say the ‘’;hell”” with that
believing in the long run , that the givers ,, gets it back.. it goes ,, it sure appears ,,the Devils “best laid plans”
will undermind.. not underscore,,the common man

About the connection of fathers to family.
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