Dearest One

by Don Norman Professional


Dearest one where was I before this
I was lost in some kinda mist
Had no clue this kinda love could exist

Dearest one is how I think of you
If we’re together I’m Heaven it’s true
Honey-bunch that’s how I feel about you.

I really don’t know why, I’ve always been kinda shy
To say these words I must try
But may just be better if I should write in a letter.

1st verse is repeated guitar solo bridge is repeated…

Dearest one now my dreams came true
When you said “I love you too”.
Honey moon that’s how I feel about you [Dearest one]
It’s just how I feel about you [Dearest one]
That’s how I feel about you.

A song I wrote for Pat in 2010. For years I had been emailing Pat her daily horoscope with the salutation "Dearest one" and then it hit; this is a song title! Drums, Bass & String Section created with Band-In-A-Box Background vocals by The Don Norman Chorus & Singers Guitars by Don Vocal by Don
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