by Wynn Schaible Amateur


Dodeca —
Past the hate and the lies
and the partisan bias,
slaves thinking they’re free,
you’ll be waiting for me
and I’ll find you,

Dodeca —
You’re not what you seem
you’re more than a dream
you’re a little extreme
the Queen of Elfland
and the Empress of Ice Cream
And like some princess of fable
you’re one who is able
to lift up my soul
get me out of this hole,
set my heart on a roll
and become my goal.
There, I’ve laid all my cards on the table,
for you
and only for you,
Dodeca –

You will know me by sight
and I’ll know that you’re right,
like I turn on the light
and “I see” not “I might.”
We’ll go slow at the start
‘cause past hurts made us smart
but you’ll give me your heart
and get mine in exchange.
That’s not subject to change.

Things will be as they were,
or were said to occur,
I’m your him, you’re my her
and it won’t cause a stir

if we splice our two ways
if we join our two stays
Eyes meet, gaze to gaze,
through the glaze
of the haze
of the craze
of these days
in the maze
and we see it all through,
you for me, I for you,
till the old-fashioned end.
Tell me friend,
when will my fortunes mend
and I find you,

© 2020, Wynn Schaible

A hip-hop love song to a woman I've not yet met (but know I will)
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