End of Time

by Jay Dee Amateur


End of Time

There he was with wild black hair.
Caught her eye in an instant.
He walked beside her and smiled softly.
It’s like he knew what was gonna happen.

And he imagined him saying,
I’ll be with you til the end of time.

Her daddy yelled “No not this one!”
“He’s just not the same as us.”
But when he saw how good she was treated,
He quickly came around.

And the long haired rocker,
Bent down on one knee,
And asked “Can I love you, til the end of time?”

Years passed but their love remained.
The time came to have two of their own.
They both sighed with relief and joy.
Those little fingers reached out to touch them.

And as he held that little body gently in his arms,
He said “I’ll be the greatest father..til the end of time.”

He kept his promise as the seasons changed.
Still went for walks as he held his true love’s hand.
But this time this walk was different.
A burning sting filled her bones.

And as she lay still in the bed,
He held back tears and said,
“I’ll stay with you, til the end of time.”

End of time. End of time. End of time.

And they’re still together,

Til the end of time.

This was recorded with Epidemic Music Group and featured many amazing musicians including Jay Dee, Shane Joseph, John Shisko, Peter Han, Tyler Reznik, Steve Frise and Michael Guinane. It was written by Jay Dee and is about the happy/sad journey of her parents' love story. They will always love each other until "the end of time".
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