by J'Wan Yvette Professional


Verse 1:
Somebody somewhere watching
Thinks they know what you’re going thru
But you’ve got the pen and the paper
To write the next chapter for you
You can choose to give it all up now
Or take the wheel and drive
But don’t you ever convince yourself
That you weren’t meant to fly

Spread your wings and fly
I see prosperity in your eyes
I see God pouring out blessings
I see you touching the sky
Spread your wings and fly
You were meant to live your dreams
Don’t let anything hold you down
All you gotta do is believe

Verse 2:
Somebody somewhere watching
Is telling you that you should give up
Your dream is too big, you can’t make it
What makes you think that you can rise above
Shut em up with your successes
Let your outcome be your revenge
Cuz when those blessings start pouring down
You’re gonna shine, continue to win


Jesse James rap:
It’s easy to give up I know it’s rough
Been at the bottom so many times it’s hard to get back up
You in the clutch
The final stretch, no time to give up
Get up and soar, you’ll enjoy it more I promise you
No time to cry it’s time to fly with your passion
Don’t let no one be a distraction
People just want a reaction
They don’t wanna see you see you win with a big grin
Just take it all in
It’s time to end all the talk about you
Out the doubt to see you sure
Everybody knows you deserve more’
So wipe the tears and face your fears
All the struggling years will soon cease
And your blessings will increase
Your fate is in your hands, no other man can mold it
You hold the clay to shape your destiny so you betta get to folding
Learn how to take hold and fly
Go ‘head, take it away Ma


Features rap verse by my daughter "Jessi James" Track produced by ThePassion HiFi
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