Geronimo's Point

by Pete J. Peter Amateur


Geronimo Once said, we are the one
Life was once understood
My grandpa once said he would be watching
And they’ll pray for our future

Chorus- Yee naa gho k’it gwee nyaa (Things will be good again, like in our history)


Ghaa kwaii is our chief and his legend will live forever
All you Natives know your tongue
And your spirit will live forever


All along the Yukon river, live a proud Indian nation
We been here thousands of years
Our Fathers are here forever


I served 26 years honorably in the US Army and also served honorably 15 years in taking care of our Native American people who are in 3rd world country status in remote Alaska and my late father Noah also served honorably for 30 years in the US Army and I also traveled for the Episcopal church of Alaska to 27 remote villages in Alaska and taught music in the schools and did village concerts before leaving and I wrote this song for them and for our children in the future and God has always taken care of us.
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