'Get Well Soon, America!'

by John Noseworthy Professional


I know we’ve been through troubled waters
Cuts from the past, they can run deep
So many years we shared a border
Of land, that was never ours to keep

I know we’ve had our confrontations
Like children playing in the yard
It’s gonna’ take a little patience
It’s why we’re sending you this card

Get well soon America
You know you’re always in our thoughts and prayers
Reach for the moon America
The world is watching and everybody cares
What’s gonna’ happen to you my friend
While America’s on the mend

I know it feels just like a horror movie
But nobody’s written out the end
A battle that could never be worth losing
Is a battle that’s worth winning in the end


I know this song can’t make it better
It surely won’t revive a million souls
But if you all receive this letter
I hope it helps to lessen the toll


Basically, a 'Get-well card' from Canada to America and indeed, the whole planet.
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