Give It Your Love

by Leo Drioli Professional


If you’re travelling life’s highway and
Dmaj7 Em Em7 A7 D Dmaj7
Something gets in your way…Give it your love
If you’re thinking of tomorrow cos
Dmaj7 Em Em7 A7 D Dmaj7
Today is filled with sorrow…Give it your love
G F#m
It’s not what you’re doing but how you go about it
Em A7
That holds you down, or sets you free
G F#m
It’s not what you’re seeing but how you’re looking at it
Em7 A7
That raises you, to view reality.

Bm Dmaj7
So… don’t be fooled by promises, that take you for a ride
Bm Em7 A A7
The only worthwhile promise is…That Truth/Love awaits you deep inside

If/When you find yourself at heaven’s door
And meet the one you’re waiting for…Give it your love
Cos now you’ve touched that higher ground
God’s sweet love is all around…Give it your love

Beatlesque spiritual pop
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