by Mr Kieran Matthew Dunne Amateur




Sitting in this hospital ward
I cant believe what ive just been told
Nurse pick me up from the floor
But what could I do but carry on
And all i can say is


Give come on give
Give my baby back to me now
I said give come on give .
Give her back she not free
Shes not free from me


Sixteen years I can,t believe you grown
breaking out to a future of your own
I see the writing on the street
I tell you wash it from the wall
But you say daddy the boys my all.
And i say ..



I see St Peter I see St Paul
With their writing on the wall
I don,t ever want to be alone
Please take me home
But me and my baby will carry on
And all I can say is dont you ever leave me …..dont you ever leave me



Do Do Do da da do do etc

This is a true song how my daughter was born to die ? How she grew up became Independent fall in love as a teenager and moved away from her father influence But there was always the fear of her father he would lose her and my determination to fight for her and appeal to give her back ( since this song was written and recorded miracle cure came along and she lives today )
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