Golden Sky

by Emily Russell Amateur


The air is cool the water warm
The moon is rising high
I float along like a river song
With a little twinkle in my eye

The birds they sing to somebody
Across the fields and beyond
Here I sit in the midst of it
Thinking how could I go wrong

Should I see a sunrise
The golden sky above
The trees they bow saying holy are thou
Thank you for what you’ve done

With the summer breeze on my skin
The one that I love and my kin
What could I need but one more time
To try and take it all in

The stars they shine like diamonds
The birds they silence their song
This time of night is one to be quiet
And wonder from where we come

We don’t talk much of money
Or any tangible things
But late at night by the light of the fire
We find some understanding

Should I see a sunset
The violet sky above
All that I need
I’m feeling free
I’m alive and I’m in love

Golden Sky is a reflection of our connection to the earth and each other. The beauty that is all around us, and the times that we take to experience it together. When we do, we are left with a feeling of love and connectedness that makes us feel truly alive.
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