Heaven On Earth

by David Shepherd Grossman Professional


Heaven On Earth : words & music David Shepherd Grossman
Destiny shows her face
And no one can take her place
Her hands are wheels
Her eyes are blind

She has no need no fear
Her heart is a greaseless gear
It wears away
As friends who drift apart

You want to go than you go
You’re going to be what you’ll be
Gonna take all you give
You’re gonna give what you leave
It’s a long way up
It’s a long way down
To have heaven on earth
You’ll have to stay on the ground

Wait for love to ease the hate
Heaven it has no gate
There’s no sign
To let you know you’re there

Summer comes you’re gone again
I’m sinking down within
My hands are tied
There is no way out
Destiny says goodbye
Before you can ask her why
She’s gone

words music performance by David Shepherd Grossman and Friends
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