Here On In

by Claire Coupland Professional


“Here On In”

I’m sittin’ inside wondering what to do
so I call an old friend, see how she’s gettin’ thru
its been a while since i heard her speak
she says she loves time to visit Dad a little more
learn to cook on a dime, play a little more guitar
we hang up with a vow to talk each week

i can’t help but think about the way it’s gonna be
from here on in

my neighbour’s having trouble it’s gettin’ hard to see
since they postponed his surgery
so his tenant comes down every day to read
My colleague’s got a workin’ set a wheels
he fills the trunk up with a week of meals
for the elder folks living on his street

i can’t help but think about the way it’s gonna be
from here on in

people like diamonds shining in the sun
they just don’t know what they’re capable of
a little bad luck to see them glow
kindness goes so far these days
since the world was set ablaze
i guess there’ll always be something going wrong

are we changing for the better? or is it a passing fancy?
i can’t help but wonder, just how it’s gonna be
from here on in
from here on in

I wrote this song after the dust settled a bit from Covid 19, within the first few months of lockdown. I saw and heard about a few things from friends and strangers about small acts of kindness and friendship - gestures of selflessness, generosity and neighbourly giving. Also, how people were taking care of themselves in their own ways, in order to get through the difficult times. These got me thinking... How will we proceed in our communities in times of disaster? Have we learned to be better neighbours? Have we learned how to take better care of ourselves? Will we go back to the way things were before, or continue to take better care of one another? How is it going to be from here on in?
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