I'll Follow

by Spike Shepard (aka Epik) Amateur


I’ll Follow

Verse 01
You were there for me, I was there for you
We’ll spend our lives together, there’s nothing I won’t do
Whenever you’re in trouble, I will be your bubble
Protect you from the storm, I’ll keep you safe and warm
Let the Rain Fall, let the wind call, we will stand tall, forever be my all
I’ll always stand by you, we’ll Pay the devils due
I’ll be there in your corner, come hell or high water
I’ll follow you, We’ll never be apart
I’ll follow you, You’re always in my heart
Verse 02
Let forever be, carve it on a tree
We were meant to be, everyone will see
You eating off my spoon, underneath the moon
Sitting on the beach, in the heat of June
Winter, Spring or Fall, problems big or small
Always at your call, we will climb that wall
You’re never on your own, you’ll never stand alone
Call me on the phone, my heart is your home
Verse 03
In sickness and in health, poverty or wealth
Live the life we should, through times bad and good
You will be my bride, always at my side
I will be your guide, we’ll take life in our stride
We’ll never be apart, together from the start
Cupid threw his dart, hit us in the heart
We’ll never break or bend, your honor I defend
Always your best friend, together till the end

A song about the greatest connection of all - Love.
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