by Casey Dean Professional


by Casey Dean | Professional


Now that you’re seeing it clearer
Why don’t you leave it behind
Don’t wage a war in the mirror
Let it out
Let it go
Let it slide

All these conflicting emotions
They carousell in your mind
They’re causing quite the comotion
Let it out
Let it go

Or you’ll always be jaded
Don’t be the unwanted

All this destructive emotion
This finger pointing and blame
I know you wish you were different
But we’re exactly the same

Always be jaded
Don’t be disappointed
When you’re worn out and faded
Just stand up and face it

Jaded is a currently unreleased song which was written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Australian musician Casey Dean in his home studio under his moniker 'Casey Cassette' It's a passionate track that highlights the benefits of triumph over adversity.
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