Journey Through the Universe

by Sonny Pring Youth (ages 13-17)


We ascend to the skies above
With a hope to see

The stars shine bright just like your eyes
For we are free

We float together through all time and space
Our minds a dream
The world is binded by its loneliness
We are the key

Will you join me on a journey through the universe
Clear your head and pack your bags for the ride of your life
together you and me dancing through the galaxies
Go on for lightyears forever does our love

We will Pass, Endless Colours, on our winding road
You are my stardust, my interstellar
Please come and stay
The bright light, seeing shoe and the watcher
will take us there

Will you join me on a journey through the universe
Nothing but you and me on the ride of our lives
we can run together forever through the galaxies
Have a life together and kiss our world goodnight

My song is a story about 2 lovers who seek an escape/refuge in space among the stars to leave behind earth since everyone relates to each other only through loneliness. So they want to explore the universe and not have a sad life.
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