Junk man

by Eric cook Amateur

Junk man

by Eric cook | Amateur


I work in a junk yard filled with mud and clay, breakin up old bedsteads trying to make it pay. you work in a salon down on Carnaby Street selling fancy ointment to make there beauty sweet. When i asked you out to date you said who yer kiddin mate, you got not money or a car who do you think you are.
I’m the one who loves you, i’m the one who cares, i’m the one who can’t sleep at nights when your not there.

Just you wait i’ll work real hard and i’ll buy that car, i’ll be rich and famous holidays will take me far. You’ll be up there with me by my side you’ll be sat, people will say i’m crazy but they don’t know that.
Chorus. I’m the one (etc etc)

Song is unfrequented love
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