Just Like Me

by William H. Baker Professional


No I cannot deny
The way I used to see the truth
It was all black and white, only one way was right,
Only one way will do

But then I tried on your shoes
Tried to see through your eyes
I found myself looking, I found myself feeling
The same way inside
The same way inside

Now I see the sunrise
While You see sunset
We both see it shine, we both wasted time
We both have regrets

We all have emotions
Some low and some high
But they can cloud up your thinking, make you start drinking
You Try not to cry
You try not to cry

Like the world we keep spinning round in circles
Yet hoping and wishing for some change
But when change comes along; it’s not what we want
So We keep wishing away
We keep wishing away

No I cannot deny
Now I can finally see
We both feel alone, we both need some love
You’re just like me
You’re just like me

I wrote this song when people seemed to be flabergasted by seeing Ellen Degeneres and G. Bush sitting together at a ball game. The song is about being human and tolerant of others who may have a difference in politics, but we respect each other as people,and can still enjoy life and be friends.
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