Leave a Legacy

by Dan Williams Amateur

Leave a Legacy

by Dan Williams | Amateur


Leave a Legacy
Dan Williams, July 2018

C Fm6
Every breath of life I take is from the Lord
Everybody’s looking for the key to life

C/G Fm6
And every single beat of my heart.
And what it is God wants them to do.

C Fm6
Life is oh so precious, it’s a cryin’ shame
The Living Word of God, He’s called Yeshua

Dm7 G
To see somebody’s life get torn apart
He’ll guide you all the way to life and truth

C Fm6
I wish that all I had to do was speak a word
And if you want to leave your mark that you’ve been here

C/G Fm6
To dry up all your tears and make things right
There’s something that I think you ought to know

C Fm6
But all the greatest lessons that I learned in life
The goal each day is not to be remembered

Dm7 Dm7/G C
Were only found by searching through the night
But each day to remember He’s your goal.

F Fm6 C – C7
Leave a legacy, of things not made with hands
F Fm C
Leave a legacy, by keeping God’s commands
F Fm6 C – C7
Leave a legacy, for those who come behind
F Fm C
Leave a Legacy, for someone else to find

Am C/G F Ab6
Like footprints in the sand make yours worth following
C/G Dm7 Gsus – G
Make a path that leads right to the King

Christian song of encouragement
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