Like the Sun

by John Turri Professional


Like the Sun (lyrics)


Chased dreams lead to chased things
So let me rid of my selfish ambition

Beings find themselves
With no regret


I don’t wanna be a part of this
Times like these remind me of her kiss
And how


She, shines like the sun
Into her arms I run, into my arms she comes
She, has me undone
No reason for me to fret
Ain’t got time for regret

And I know I can’t be wrong


Chased needs bleed you empty
Don’t you Drown me in helpless ambition

Aimlessly circling
Erasing what’s left

I don’t wanna be a part of this
Times like these I can taste her kiss
And how


She’s a stunner (stunnah) when she sets
She’s my Summer (Summah) silhouette

Whoa. Did we just get a collaboration from John Mayer and Bruno Major? At first listen it seems that way, but John Turri’s “Like the Sun” is the refreshing track you’ve been missing. It’s lush vocals, moody keys, and entrancing guitars will make for the perfect soundtrack in various life situations. Definitely give it a spin and go for a drive, or poor some sangria at home and relax. This stellar composition is so versatile and has a groove that will feed your musical soul.
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