Looking for an Angel

by Dev Kris Amateur


Looking for an Angel

Staring through the window
Looking at the street
I don’t know where I am going
Just know where I’ve been
Looking for an angel
To lead me on from here
Eyes get strained and tired
Find no one out there

Walking to the subway
Cold breath in the air
No one seems to care for
As if I’m not there
Then I hear the music
Drift through subway walls
(An) old man playing a medley
Making me want some more

La la la la La La La La
I don’t know what I want
La la la la La La La La
Must I just go on

Now I’m old and wiser
But not sure if I’ve found
Tears and smiles around here
Knocking from Door to Door
I am still looking for the angel
To lead me on from here
Then it all starts fading
(And) Leavin’ me waiting for more

La la la la La La La La
Its time to go on and on
La la la la La La La La
Life will go on and on
Time will go on and on
We must go on and on
I will go on and on

Written and Composed by Dev Kris
Vocals : Dev Kris
Lead and Bass Guitar: Lluis Vallverdu
Rhythm Guitar : Dev Kris

31 Dec 2020
Email: hellodev@yahoo.com

This songs about an immigrant looking for identity, inspiration and hope This is our first attempt as CONTRABAND at songwriting and composition along with my band mate Lluis on lead and bass guitar along with me on vocals and rhythm guitar.
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