lost seasons

by Larry Amateur


Looking out of the window, storms moving in fast
Earth groans from the pressure, man takin and not giving back
Last year this time it was summer, wonder if it will ever come back
See the hurricanes and thunder, world wide natural disaster

Can change really bury the past, do we have enough to bring it all back
Look around is much left to borrow, will our children be left with tomorrow
We have to change the fate of today, or all is lost from our foolish way’s
To much killing and hatred and hunger, why is it hard to care for each other
Power and greed, have caused to much strife
How much is needed, to live a good life
Seasons were born to keep us alive
Nature can show us what we need to survive

To much greed nations can not last, wisdom comes when we learn from the past
Was the wealth you had used to save, what is needed for our future day’s
Technology could go either way, give us freedom or make us all pay
Earth needs us and we need each other, hope is lost without loving your brother

a song about the environment and state of affairs
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