Love in Boston

by Vintz Amateur


I left all my love in Boston, i guess it weighed too damn much

Now i look back through a postcard for a love we had once

If i could go right back in time just to give some things another try

Maybe 16 or 17 I’d do things oh so differently

I left my home real early i was 18
Is that adventurous enough?

I saw the states i even gigged some
In an old VW bus

But now i want to go back home by the harbor or the cobblestone

And meet you there just one last time though this time i know i won’t be shy

Cries in whistle
Cries in background vocals

I left all my love in Boston
I was afraid I’d fall too hard
now she’s married to another
And I’m left out in the dark

If i could go go right back in time just to give some things another try

I’d slap myself across the face and tell myself time travels fake

Cuz as the days keep rolling by i sit here and i waste my time
Making songs from memories of moments that never came to be

This is a song I wrote about leaving someone you love behind. When I wrote this song, I had just moved to California from Boston for the military and I left behind someone I loved. This was recorded in my friend Aaron Bowen ’s home and we had my other friend Shannon Patino help with vocal layering.
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