Mason Jar

by Kelli Christensen Amateur

Mason Jar

by Kelli Christensen | Amateur


The simple image of a mason jar,
And memories that I hold so dear,
Fill my thoughts, with peace and love,
And chase away all my fear.

Singing songs with Grandma through the years,
Is a memory that will last,
Sitting on Grandpa’s loving lap,
Canning peaches from summers past.

Those memories of the past will always warm my heart,
When times get tough or I have traveled far,
From the comfort that I felt, or from the home I love.
All I have to do is choose a memory, from my mason jar.

I walk through fields of flowers with Grandpa
After driving in his car,
Then home again, with my treasures so bright
To place them in Grandma’s mason jar,


My cousin, Kimber, wrote this poem for a class in High School about our Grandparents, and then we put it to music together.
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