by Dave Murray Amateur


Memories By Dave Murray
Ive dove off the Cat and Dog steps into the Northen sea
Swam from Roker to Seaburn when me heart was young and free
Climbed the rocks of Marsden before they hit the sand
Walked in the rain in the sunshine built castles in the sand
My memories i share with you
For my memories just may be your memories too

Ive fished off the old Rathouse
Rafted down the Wear
Seen iron ships leave the habour in the moonlight disappear
Ive searched along the waterline for treasures from the past
Seen Sunderland town become a city and win the FACUP at last
My memories i share with you
For my memories just maybe your memories too

Ive seen the Berlin wall built and crumble
Pictures of man walking the moon
Famliy and freinds go to heaven so many far to soon
Seen the Pits and Shipyard closures
By a Goverment with no soul
Been a number on the breadline
A number on the dole (chorus)

Seen Charles and Dia get married
And the Beatles break USA
Watched England win the world cup
Celebrated Millenium day
Heard Yoko and John Lennon
Ask for Peace throug the world
And ive cried at the death of Elvis that really rocked the world (chorus)

I got a ring on me finger
A wife and children 5
Seen 63 years of freedom thank god im still alive
Seen the flight of the Concord
Suppersonnic sound
Seen the passing of Dave Bowie
Hope his still spinning around, fade

The song is based on real memories of being a child in the 60s and what happened along the way, the song is for everyone as the lyrics say "My memories just maybe your memories to" my song is also based in folk music and did in my local ascent, what ever happen its a song for the people, cheers Dave Murray AKA The Mackem Folk Singer
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