Mohave Run

by David L, Trzeciak Professional


The Mohave Run
By David Trzeciak 2019

1) My old truck is down on the street
Mid-day sun is burning down
I can’t move – I’m dead on my feet
Loneliness is all over town

2) The river flows through my heart
My children play around the bend
My wife stands in the mystic
Her love is sparkle blowing in the wind

C) Oh – Oh – Oh I hear the river calling
Oh – the day is almost done
Oh – Oh The stars above are falling
Heading for that fading western sun
on that old Mohave Run

3) We sing the song – we play the tune
People dance – under the moon
We see her face – up in the sky
We feel the teardrops flowing from her eyes

4) Seasons come – seasons go
Monsoon Rain – falling snow
I shake my head – but I can see
The way that it was always meant to be

A sound painting of the life of a group of Native American (Mohave)brothers who play in a family band on the CRIT Reservation in AZ. Their lives center around the river, their families and their music in a soutwestern desert environment.
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