My Eyes Are Open

by Jacqueline Olivera Gibson Professional


We are strangers coming from a distant land,
And from the boat, we sw the lady with the light in her hand.
She said”Welcome lost and lonely refugee,
So I pledged to her the best in me.
My eyes are open, freedom is calling,
My eyes are open,
I can see liberty.
My eyes are open, Tyranny’s falling,
My eyes are open,
I can see Liberty.
We got off the boat with nothing, but our names,
while the home we left behind went up in flames,
and we prayed to God, who always understands,
Lord, let this be the Promised Land,
My eyes are open,
Freedom is calling.
My eyes are open,
I can see Liberty.
God bless America, God bless these days,
God bless the blend of the old and new ways,
God bless the hopes and the dreams tht we share,
God bless the people, who fight to get there.
God bless the children, who don’t understand,
Bless them and keep them all proud of this land,
God bless the people, who still live in fear.
God Bless the statue that guided us here.
My eyes are open , freedom is calling,
My eyes are open
I can see liberty

The first time I heard this song, I had an immediate connection. Knowing my mother’s struggle to come to the USA from Mexico and pursue her dream of being a doctor. She faced so many challenges and struggles, being a woman and being Latina. This song reminded me of her. My friend, Stephen Michael Schwartz, wrote it about his grandmother, who came over from Poland, during the war. Her entire family had been wiped out and she came to America, with the hopes and dreams of a new and better life. Today , I felt it applied to what we are going through as a nation and so many families that are now dealing with hardships here as they once did abroad.We need to open our eyes with our hearts and minds, to make our country stronger, warmer, safer and more welcoming for our future generations. Like the quote on the Statue Of Liberty, America still holds this promise - and I will do my part to ensure that the tools available to me to support the democratic process in this country and the rest of the world reflect the love and respect we must have for each other in our hearts in order to be a truly United States of America.” Jackie's performance partner and featured instrumentalist in this recording, master guitarist Marcus Gerakos, developed the poignant ostinate rhythmic pulse that underlies the whole song and supports the urgency of its message. Marcus and Jackie chose to co-produce with music producer and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Oberhoff, (internationally known by his work with Quincy Jones, Jason Gould, Melissa manchester, Brenda Russell and a host of others. Both the Spanish and the English versions will be available for download on Itunes, CDBaby, Spotify and all other digital outlets. Follow Jackie on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.
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