"My Mother's Eyes"

by Roy Schryver Professional

"My Mother's Eyes"

by Roy Schryver | Professional


by Donna Johnston, Roy Schryver, Paul Lussier

When I was just a little boy and things would all go wrong
A broken, a battered knee, one thing would make me strong

My mother she would hold me and in her eyes I’d see
The dreams she held within her heart
Of the man that I would be

My mother’s eyes, mother’s eyes
Held a strength strong men would prize
And with those eyes she helped me see
The vision of the man I’d be

Years went by as years must do and life grew harder yet
A broken heart, an ego bruised, a life filled with regret

And still my mother held me, her eyes aglow with love
She promised someday a girl would find me worthy of

The kind of love that builds a dream that only two can share
The kind of love she said would be the answer to my prayers
And in her eyes i found the faith that somehow got me through
Gave me courage to believe that what she said was true.

My dream came true and I found love to make my life complete
Children grown and on their own I find that life’s been sweet

But when I try to thank my mom for all she gave to me
Her eyes cloud with confusion, my name’s a mystery

My mother’s eyes, mother’s eyes
Vision dimmed, their sparkle dies
With eyes now closed I hope she sees
That I’m the man she dreamed I’d be…

This song tells an all too familiar story of the sadness of Alzheimer's disease. Parents are our heroes, saviors, and our foundations. Losing a parent without being able to tell them in the end how much we appreciate all they've done is cruel twist filled with unfathomable sadness. This song was written by Donna Johnston (lyrics), Roy Schryver and Paul Lussier (music)
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