No Apologies

by Cary C Banks Professional


No Apologies
Words & Music Cary C Banks & Jerry R Goolsby
© 2020
Verse 1
Standin’ on the banks, knowin’ it’s a little too late
My bridges all burned, I sealed my own fate
My ships have all sank, there’ s no means of return
Now all that’s left is a son, To whom it may concern
No Apologies, No Apologies
It’s my river to run, It’s my river to run
I’m comin’ to peace, ‘bout goin’ to pieces
It’s my river to run, it’s my river to run

Verse 2
Standin’ on the banks, the water is wide
All my fancy schemes, left on the other side
They say you can’t go home, but home was just a lie
Like wishes and dreams, from a time flown by
Had my hands on the wheel, speedin’ surreal
Tryin’ to make the past disappear
But the circles in time, drew lines deep and fine
And all of them brought me to here
They all brought me here

No Apologies (c) 2020 Cary C Banks and Jerry R Goolsby
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