Not so far away

by Tim Bold Amateur

Not so far away

by Tim Bold | Amateur


Not so far away.

If you need to talk
Or need to share
Or speak you mind
Or maybe need to vent
If you need a space
Where you know it’s safe
To say those things
That never should be said.
If you need advice
Or a sounding board
Or maybe just to hear
The silence and the peace.
If you need to know
When it feels so cold
And seems so dark,
that “you” is really “us.”
I’m always here
When you need a friend;
If you’re lost
I’ll come and find you:
If you’re just next door
Or streets away
Across the town
Or county lines
In another land
I will take your hand
And be with you
At the speed of thought,
Wherever you are
Your in my mind
And you’ll always know
I’m not so far away.

A song about trying to connect emotionally with friends during lockdown
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