One More Day

by Jack Hedrick Amateur


Let me take you
Let me take you on a memory
and just be my friend

How would they feel
How would they feel if the world just stopped?
Just starin’ at the clock?
No rain.

Sometimes forever passes fate
Sometimes forever won’t wait.

Hear the traffic
Hear the traffic on the road outside
sounds like the ocean tide
when that’s all you’ve got

I wish I had
I wish I had one more day with you
with nothing more to do
than look you in the eye

Sometimes forever passes fate
Sometimes forever
Sometimes forever just won’t wait.

I wrote this song while feeling a bit melancholy and isolated from the world due to the pandemic. My mother was taken by covid, another friend passed away - so I went down to the local music studio and recorded this song so as to help others deal with these kinds of emotions.
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