by RENNY MALONE | Amateur


After all this time
You’re trying to cut
Our ties
You keep on saying
Things I can’t know
You tell me
To let go

I say how can I move on
When I can’t give up
And it feels so good
To breathe like I should

You’re walking with circles
That leave me no air
I’ll talk you in circles
All leading nowhere
You’re making your points
I say this isn’t fair
But I’m just making sure
You’re not going anywhere
Without me

Oh I can’t help it
I’m begging on my knees
You leaving me is selfish
I’ve been screaming out for weeks

That I know I can’t move on
Because it feels so good
To breathe your oxygen
No I won’t give it up

We’re walking in circles
We’re all out of air
We’re talking in circles
And going nowhere
There’s no need to run
And there’s nothing to fear
So just hold me tight
You’re not going anywhere
(no I won’t give up)
(Breathing oxygen)

So just close your eyes
You’re with me for life

Co-writer: Jason Sierra Oxygen is a lively track that goes over certain relationships (connections) and how they can play out.
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