Perfect Lover

by Frank Doherty Amateur


Perfect Lover

A golden sunrise melts away the cold
And I’m blessed with another day to watch a dream unfold
I’ve travelled far through the darkest night
Walked ’til I could walk no more then I fell into the light
And every step of the way was a mountain to climb
Every breath and every heartbeat gave me a hard time
When it seemed my life was over reached the end of the line
Lost everything I treasured but there was treasure still to find
You make me whole you hold the key
Perfect Lover you set me free
You showed me things that I could never see
You made me realise just how my life could be
You saved my soul and I don’t know why
Now maybe I can live before I die

You’re all I need no matter what the cost
You gave me so much more than anything I’ve lost
Your loving touch has turned my life around
Now I pray that I may never lose the perfect love I found


Everyone has an idea of a Perfect Lover... this is mine 🙂
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