Point in time

by michael marriott Amateur


Think I remember,how time slipped on by when we were young.
I stood so tall,so full of life and full of fun.
I played the field,an’ I worked hard but I felt fine.
And now I find it was all just a point in time.

I used to dream,just how I wanted my life to be
But there were walls and obsticles I just couldn’t see.
I missed the road and was guided to a life of crime.But now I see it was all just a point in time

Middle viii

That is all behind me now,I finally see my road is clear
I found my true love,who gets me by from year to year.
She’s my inspiration and above all this I’m glad she’s mine
Guess I was always waiting,for a point in time

Repeat last line twice more.

A Biographical track,done in a pop idiom with a video of still photos of myself and friends at a memorial gig for a close friend.
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