Raining in Paris

by howard baker Professional

Raining in Paris

by howard baker | Professional


It’s a rainy day in Paris
No one is on the street
See the people running for shelter
Wind swept and soaking feet
I must be crazy or a little mad
I’m stood in the doorway of the coffee plaz.
I’m waiting for the weather to change
but it looks like it’s hear for the rest of the day
it nice see the raindrops falling, bouncing off the window pain
in the wind you hear of the music of a blues band across the way
the wind is blowing and its cold outside
just waiting for the weather to change, change its mind
hear am i sitting in the window just feeling all so low
think I’ll have another cup of coffee till its time for me to go
I put money in the juke box to brighten up my day
hear am i waiting for the sunshine guess its on its way
rain clouds have passed me by looking up to a clear blue sky
oh how a lucky man am I
dodododododo the sun is shinning the sun shinning the sun is coming out
passing by the Eiffel tower
there ain’t a queue in site
step on to the elevator hey take a ride maybe see the sites
looking out over the city oh what a site
i wish i come a little bit later to see Paris buy night , Paris buy night

wrote this in Paris 4 years ago but did'nt do anything with it.
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