Remember All the Good Times

by Robert Alder Amateur


Remember All The Good Times

Momma did her best, to raise us happy
Daddy worked so hard just to provide
They made it through some hard times together
Six of us kids are still living, baby brother died

Life is never perfect in a family
People trying to love can still cause pain
Rememb’rin what went wrong can be so hurtful
But there’s no reason to go back
And re-live all that again

I just remember all the good times
Weekends we’d go campin’
Sit around the fire and sing
Momma got a rest from cleanin’ house and doin’ laundry
And Daddy, just loved makin’v home-made ice cream

My brother called today from West Virginia
Snow is fallin’ there, it’s beautiful to see
He calls more now that I’m old to talk about good times
Says I’ll always be his big brother
That means so much to me

We still remember all the good times
Hiking in the mountains
And going fishin’ when we were young
Too much time has passed since we’ve spent days
Walkin’ fields together
But we still talk about the good old days
And those yet to come

It’s good to remember all the good times
Living with love each day, is better yet
I’ve heard it said that to be wronged is really nothing at all
Unless you lock it in your heart and never for get
It’s good to remember all the good times

Copyright – Robert Alder PO Box 680 Nixa, MO 65714 417-593-3438

I am a 75 year old Singer Songwriter and have been playing guitar and writing songs since I was 16 years old. This song tells my story of being raised the oldest of seven children. Every word is true, even the part about my brother calling me from West Virginia while I was writing this song. My wife Jan (also in her 70's) and I recorded this song in our in-home studio and we play all the instruments. Most years (not 2020) we play 100 to 150 live music programs for senior organizations.
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