Roots Holy Ones

by Cyril Mauclair Amateur


You’ve been through all these years
We Couldn’t hope for more

Now that you’ve gone away
We feel so uncared-for

Can you hear?
Our despair, my sorrow

I’ve never stopped looking after you
didn’t you hear, can’t you feel this is real

They say it’s all planned for
you’ ve joined our beloved ones

I can’t withstand the pain
of my word’s echoes

Against this wall
My head rests
so empty

We’ve never stopped caring for you
didn’t you feel, all the ones that preceded you

I’ve sent the only one, showing the path
opening the hears, healing the soul

Musics and lyrics written by Cyril Mauclair Guitars : Cyril Mauclair Vocals : Cyril and Cécile Mauclair
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