Sailing home to you

by Bazz Cooper Amateur


Sailing Home (Copyright Bazz Cooper 2020)

Please can someone tell me where it is I’m from
Born on a pirate ship so no land is my home
I’ve searched on mountains high and in the valley’s below
But when I saw your Face I knew where I should go

Chorus And I’m sailing home
And I’m sailing home to you
Sailing home to you
Sailing home to you
Sailing to your arms
The only place That feels like home.

I’m on a leaky ship out in the North sea
Winter’s icy fingers have a grip on me
It’s only the memory of the fire in your eyes
That stops me freezing and is keeping me alive


I see the harbour lights and a figure waiting there
Wrapped up against cold and wind all your hair
If ever there was a sight to bring a Sailor joy
And I can’t fight the tears welling in my eyes

Sailing home to you x 4

A song about the connection between a sailor at sea and his love waiting for him on shore. I played all the instruments on this demo and my friend Shelley helped me out with the backing vocals.
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