by Wiktoria Tracz Amateur


by Wiktoria Tracz | Amateur


Everyone have scars
But we try to hide them
Wrapped in a plastic bag
So you can prove your more than that
We’re in a delusional world
So don’t be afraid of the ones who count on you
And if you feel like nothing, nothing is true

Nothing bout them scars is different
You’re still the same the one witnessed
You can’t heal the wounds you get from life

Stop blaming your own soul
It’s fine to feel awful
As long as you trust me
I’ll be there for you
Sometimes it’s exhausting
Try taking it slowly
I’m on your side
I’ll be true to you

Every one has those day
We feel like a gap in the ocean
Dark and emotional
It’s only matter of days before we stop controlling it—
It keeps coming to me
Like a wave coming back to sea
It’s dangerous I can drown in my own head

Scars is about accepting all the imperfections about ourselves. It leads the message that everyone is the same and we all go through struggles either physical or mental and we shouldn’t be afraid to share it or even ask for help. We all go through it.
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