by Rouhangeze Baichoo Professional



Élimine tout ilizion
Les so presence cares to sens
Ouver to lizier baba
Porte attention to pou tann so melodie.
Li partout dans la natire
La mer, montagne, le ciel, l’espace la haut là-bas
Dans tout ban creatirs
Ki foule sa le terre la


Detasser ar traditions
Guet dan l’essence la quintessence
Ouvert to leker baba
Goûte so vibrations
Découvert so lenerzie
Li partout dan la natir
La mer, montagne, le ciel, l’espace la haut la bas
Dans tou ban creatirs ki foule sa la terre la


Lyrics are in Mauritian creole. Written, arranged and performed by Rouhangeze. On this song features pioneer of the sega, singer songwriter percussionist Menwar and pianist composer Tomasz Bura. Shakti is the female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity; the Supreme Being. Shakti is the cosmic energy and goddess known as “Amma” meaning “Mother” in South India. She is the personification of the Energy that is creative, sustaining, as well as destructive, sometimes referred to as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism. “The Great Delusion” which no layman or scientist has ever been able to decipher. – we see energy in all forms all around us. It is energy that manifests in all forms of matter. Her true form is unknown and beyond human understanding. She is the one with no beginning and no ending, responsible for creation and the agent of change. The universe is born of her and by her the world is founded and protected. This song speaks about removing the veils of vain imaginings and egocentrism so we can open our senses to the presence and beauty of Shakti. Like a mother tenderly conversing with her children to make them aware of the beauty of the world they were born into. “Open your eyes”, “Open your ears, pay close attention and you will hear her melody…”, “Open your heart, you will feel her energy everywhere in nature, the sea, the mountain, the sky, in space, close and far away, in all living creatures…” If this was to be made into a video, it would be to show the beauty of the world and its peoples, united as one nation spiritually enlightened, working together in peace to protect their planet.
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