She Make's It Easy

by Shon Gale Professional


She Makes It Easy
Words and Music © 2020 “Shon” Thomas Gale
Produced by Shon Gale

Verse 1:
She wears a watch that’s always set to 4:20.
With Bangles and Bracelets that chime a soft melody.
Around her neck hangs a bottle of Patchouly.
She’s the Hippy, Gypsy Mama of my dreams.

She Makes It Easy, to come home.
Like an early morning Oregon mountain sunrise.
She Makes It Easy, to come home.
Like spending the night out under a starry sky.
She Makes It Easy

Verse 2:
I feel a Gypsy wind blowing every time she’s close to me.
Reminding me this woman needs to feel free.
I see starlight in her eyes when she’s happy.
So whatever she needs is good enough for me.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
If you bring her flowers, make sure they’re living.
Because she loves Mother Nature and all we’ve been given.
Clean up the planet and save it for our children.
If we listen to her, we’ll keep on living.

Repeat Chorus x 2:

Nice easy listening folk music style tune.
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