by Kristina Helene Professional


Bells are ringing
children singing so

Snow is falling
on the trees below

So far away now
but your near somehow..

Are you warm and
are you safe and sound
where you are?

Listening to your
favourite songs among
the stars

I’ll sing for you now
I hope you’ll hear me

So far away now
but your near somehow..

Windows glowing
cold wind blowing o’er
the meadow

Will you stay here
just a while or must
you go?

I’ll dream of you now
and we’ll meet again

'Somehow' is written by Canadian married duo, Kristina Helene & Thomas Kinzel. This song is dedicated to the ones who are dearly missed this holiday season. We know this has been a difficult year for everyone and this Christmas is going to look a lot different. We hope that our song will inspire and bring comfort. Arranged and written by: Thomas Kinzel Lyrics by: Thomas Kinzel & Kristina Helene Production, Piano, programming by: Thomas Kinzel Mixed & Mastered by: Thomas Kinzel String Section performed and recorded by: Stevie Blacke
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